Thursday, 23 August 2018

Pre-Order Guidelines

  I would love to Create unique and fashionable die-cut labels and decals in virtually any shape and colour or make custom lettering and numbers that can be easily applied to non surface walls, indoor walls, signs, vehicles and more, but I need help with your vision. Please be as clear as possible so I know what direction to follow with your design. Please provide the concept of ideas, fonts and other elements you require for your logo!

  •     Font Style that's needed is best from
  •     Text and Image Placement ... BE SPECIFIC
  •     Pantone Colours : look up colour charts from google and send colour code
  •     Quantity : How many needed
  •     Shape : Rectangles. Squares. Circles. Ovals. Custom burst. Special Shapes. Any Shape
  •     Type : Diecut. KissCut. Glossy White. Clear. Matte. Static Cling
  •     Size : What size of sticker, decal or label in inches
  •     Will these labels be used Outdoors or Indoors
  •     Label Material : Paper. Vinyl. Foil. Fluorescent.etc.
  •     Ink Colour : Printed ink colour
  •     Artwork vector .eps or .ai  in 300dpi CMYK color mode preferred
  •     Phone to text or email for Proof
  •     300dpi CMYK color mode is best or it has to be redrawn.